What's For Dinner? 
We Know!

Asking, 'what's for dinner?' can sometimes create more questions than answers... Not when you cook with Marley Spoon! We make planning meals excitingly easy, seriously.

10 minutes and you've already planned next week's cooking. We then deliver all the freshest ingredients and step-by-step instructions straight to your door at a time most convenient for you. And the best part, delivery is always free!

So...'what's for dinner?' Marley Spoon.

How easy does Marley Spoon make cooking dinner? Let’s count the ways...

1.  Everything you need,               nothing you don't

Not a fan of leftovers? Some foods just don’t age well and wasted food is the worst. That’s why our meal kits come with pre-portioned ingredients, reducing food waste and saving you money.

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2. Gourmet meals in under 30 minutes? It's a no brainer...

Thanks to our experienced chefs and step-by-step instruction cards, half an hour is all you need to prepare one of our delicious recipes. Which leaves you with more free time to spice up your life.

3. A smorgasbord of flavour

Choose from 12 new recipes every week! Meat, fish, vegetarian, you name it! We have a meal to match every taste bud. The hardest part now is figuring out what you want most. 

4. The best ingredients in town

Finding fresh produce in supermarkets can be a game of chance. At Marley Spoon, we select the tastiest ingredients for you, so say goodbye to picking through supermarket scraps and hello to easier, healthier meals.


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There is nothing more magical than 
sharing a meal together, better still, 
a home-cooked meal. 

However, knowing where all the ingredients come from when you shop at the supermarket is not always possible. With Marley Spoon this is easy. We work with some of the best local suppliers throughout Australia to bring you market fresh ingredients, directly to your door.

Meal kits are changing the way people shop, cook and live all over Australia and the world. But why exactly? Let us count the ways…

Let us help you answer the dreaded cooking question 
with $35 off your first box! 

If you want to know more about Marley Spoon and how it works, please click here.

Let us help you answer the dreaded cooking question, with $35 off your first box!

If you want to know more about Marley Spoon and how it works, please click here.